Water Transfer Printing Film (Hydrographic)

Water transfer printing, also known as Hydrographics or Cubic printing. It is a printing technique on non-flat surfaces or or more complicated surface. This technology uses water buoyancy to let the film float on water, then the ink will coat on the object when you dip it into the water.

It can be applied on various products, such as interior car dash board, front and rear bumpers, motorcycle and off-road bodies, glasses frames, electronic products, plastic products, and metal surface etc.

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 Water Transfer Process


Product Characteristics

Good for complex surfaces such as non-flat surfaces, arc/round shape, and products that needs to decorate in the side - surface. (products that has a high and sharp angle surfaces)

Lots of diverse patterns to choose from, either continuous patterns or single colors, and can be customized to fit your needs. Work with different base color would lead to more visual effect.

Suitable for hard texture materials, or water-repellent material.

Machine Requirement

A complete water transfer printing processing line contains mainly two sections, dipping and coating. A processing line can be used on different products with different shapes and sizes. It can also work on more than one item at a time.